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Airbrush makeup in India by TEMPTU

Airbrush makeup was introduced to India in 2001 but unlike the makeup industry in the western countries, it did not do well in India. TEMPTU, in conjunction with B'DESIR, conducted a 6-month study meeting freelance makeup artists and salon owners to understand what went wrong with airbrush makeup in India. Three items came to light:

a. Lack of airbrush classes and on-going training

b. Lack of availability of airbrush products

c. Lack of product support & warranty

We are proud to launch TEMPTU, world's largest airbrush makeup company, in India and sport the following solutions to the existing problems:

a. Training - TEMPTU is offering free classes to all it's customers

b. Product Availability - TEMPTU is stocked with ALL products throughout the year

c. Warranty - TEMPTU offers 1 year warranty of all it's compressors 


Airbrush makeup clients of TEMPTU