Pro Curved Contour Makeup Brush C520

Crown Brush

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  • Crown -  Pro Curved Contour C520
  • Crown -  Pro Curved Contour C520

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The Pro Curved Contour Brush is designed to fit under the cheekbone and glide with the natural curve of the cheek, creating a very organic contour that is specifically tailored to the indivual's facial structure. The precision cut allows for maximum product dispersion on the higher points of the face, creating a very lifted and sculpted appearance. Because of its high grade synthetic bristles, the Pro Curved Contour Brush is suitable for both powder and cream cosmetics, is easy to clean, and indefinitely holds its shape and structure.

Bristle Profile: High Grade synthetic fibers, Incredibly durable, Indefinite lifespan with proper care, Can be used with liquid, powder, and cream cosmetics.

Bristle Dimensions: .75" in tall x 1.5" in wide (Natural variances may occur)

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